Mechanical Engineering

Construction of New Khasab Power Station, Oman

Detailed Design-EPC for Construction of Masirah New Power Station, Oman

Detailed Design and Engineering Services Al Hijj Power Station At Wusta Region

HAZOP, IPF review and As building of master documents for PDO‐ Hubara & Sahma Station

Daleel power plant,(GTG based) Operation & Maintenance Contract Tendering Support

Provision of Engineering and Consultancy Services

Products Supply & Field Service

Our New Products supply & Field services business is a symbol of our attitude towards diversification to sustain & grow.

Supply of Hydro Mesh Coalescer Filterand Gas Phase Filters

Supply of Gas Turbine Capital Parts

Supply of Hydraulic Filters, Field Instruments

Technical support for Troubleshooting Static Frequency Convertor of 6FA Gas Turbine.

Study on Dust ingress in the Gas Turbine Intake air filter.

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